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Dr. Anjidani's interview with program "Irancell online"

  • Release: 2019/06/17
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In Gap messenger, you can concurrently have several services such as some municipality payment services, internet taxis and so on. The services are cloud-based, and it is parallel with the international level. He added that the Gap platform has tried to be one step ahead than the local market. At present, we are moving forward with the rest of the world. Gap activities are numerous. From the internet of things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G and so on...

He noted that Gap Messenger has produced the first wallet in blockchain format. In the field of applying artificial intelligence in the business, we performed a project with a reliable academic team including some professors from internal colleges.

In the field of 5G and internet of things, several projects are now running that one of them is in partnership with MTN corporation for increasing the connectivity level.

He stated that one of the most interesting activities in Gap Messenger is preparing a protocol for machine speaking to a machine.

Referring to the activities of the Gap Messenger in the business sector and helping the country's entrepreneurs, he said: 'Gap has enabled the wallet system to be connected to all banking networks of the country, international gateways such as Master Cards and Visa Cards, as well as cryptocurrency gateway.

In the end, Dr Anjidani said: another important Gap's property is its high-security accomplishment by a team of seventy high skilled employees. Meanwhile, the Gap Messenger project has been tested/examined in several security labs and It has been approved.

We promise our users a completely safe and secure platform.

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