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Beginning of Red Crescent system activity's in the Gap messenger

Beginning of Red Crescent system activity's in the Gap messenger

  • Release: 2019/06/26
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According to Dr. Anjidani, the CEO of the Gap Messenger: Gap is one of the two national messengers, which has been selected by the National Centre for Cyberspace of I.R. Iran. Gap Messenger will be responsible for the implementation of electronic government services (EGS). So in this regard, Gap with the cooperation of the Communications Ministry has started the implementation of (GSB), from different government offices in the Gap platform.

He added: After flooding in the country, the Gap team did their best to help the flood victims and Red Crescent. In this regard, we implemented a Location-based intelligence relief and rescue system (LBIRRS). Now, this system is accessible in following address:

We have started this system with the confirmation of the Red Crescent Organization (RCO).

Referring to the capabilities of Gap messenger regarding the requesting help (rescue) or declaring a dangerous conditions Dr Anjidani said that would be based on exact geographical location.

Collection of cash assistance (Rial and international currencies) for the RCO As well as providing quick access to RCO information are some of the capabilities of this system.

He added: with this system, the user can send his/her help request with the exact geographical location and then the rescue team will rush to his/her at the precise location.

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